83 Grunge ProBrush™ + Free Demo

USD 10.00

83 Grunge ProBrush™ + Free Bonus Pastels - ProBrush™

Works with Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above.

This professional Illustrator brush pack contains 83 high quality
grunge, ink, flowmaster brushes intended for
professional designers, illustrators and artists.

Here are 16 demo brushes you could try out before you buy to see how you can implement / test it in your workflow.
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/Probrush83GrungeDemo

Install instructions:

  • 1. File is in .zip , sometimes Mac users have problems with unpacking of this bundle. Problem should be resolved by using Zipeg program to unzip the file.

  • 2. Windows users: You need to open them from Illustrator: Brushes - Other Library - find brushes and just click on them.

  • 3. Mac users: Just copy all of the brush files into your Illustrator brush Library. (User - Library - Application Support - Adobe - Adobe Illustrator (your version) - Your Language - Brushes)

There is so many Adobe Photoshop brushes but it is really hard to find
great Adobe Illustrator brushes.

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