Pencil ProBrush™

USD 8.00

Pencil ProBrush™

  • Brushes;
    • ProBrush Pencil Part 1 - 20 Brushes works with Adobe Illustrator CS6+
    • ProBrush Pencil Part 2 - 20 Brushes works with Adobe Illustrator CS6+
    • ProBrush Pencil Realistic - 21 Brushes works with Adobe Illustrator CS3+

This professional Illustrator brush pack contains 61 high quality handmade sketch , pencil and color pencil brushes intended for professional designers, illustrators and artists.

I would love to see how did you use this brushes! Send me your work with this brushes and get some ProBrush Packs for FREE!

Install instructions:

  • 1. Windows users: You need to open them from Illustrator: Brushes - Other Library - find brushes and just click on them.

  • 2. Mac users: Just copy all of the brush files into your Illustrator brush Library. (User - Library - Application Support - Adobe - Adobe Illustrator (your version) - Your Language - Brushes)

There is so many Adobe Photoshop brushes but it is really hard to find great Adobe Illustrator brushes.

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