About me

As a kid I have been very passionate about drawings and the work of art generally, it brings out the true me and my true feeling, this made me feel so alive and happy. As years passed by I fell more and more in love with the art world, and then in high school I started mastering the use of Photoshop and illustrator. At this phase of my life I was surrounded by people who loved art and design, so I enjoyed learning how to design and draw. This makes me who I am today in the art business.

I am Leonard Posavec, a 20 year old designer based in Cakovec, a small town in the north of Croatia. I’m bringing to you the best of brushes, fonts, hand drawn resources, logos, Photoshop and Illustrator designs and other graphic works. With about 75 wonderful design resources in my shop and more mind blowing ones to come, it is a delight to visit my shop or contact me. This in turn helps you save money, time, and headache of dealing with numerous other sellers.

I also use Instagram to spread the word of my creativity and showcase some of my designs. You can follow my work on Instagram through this link.

I own a flourishing store on creative market and revolge selling resources to designers and other users out there. These products are available anytime and they can be viewed in the shop section of my website.

Additional things

I love getting inspiration from talking to people and taking trips to other states and countries. it helps my mind grow and my art becomes better.

I have visited places like Australia, Singapore, Spain, and France to mention a few. I am always open to new ideas and projects, and i am a truthful and trust worthy person in all my areas of life.